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Penta Water study shows skin benefits

By Elaine Barrington

WaterWebster Staff Writer

March 23, 2008

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Penta Water Company reports a study it commissioned shows human skin may benefit from the firm's bottled water.

A Penta announcement said the company hired Dr. Jean Krutmann, Professor of Dermatology and Environmental Medicine and Director of the Institute for Environmental Medical Research at the Heinrich Heine University, Dusseldorf, Germany to conduct a study of the benefits of its bottled water.

According to the study, human skin cells cultured in Penta Water had significantly less damage from ultraviolet radiation than skin cells cultured in plain water, the company said. It said the findings support Penta's claim that its water may act as an anti-oxidant and promote anti-aging.

To confirm the findings, Penta said it is paying The University of California, Davis, to conduct additional studies on Penta Water. Penta says its water, which comes from San Diego city water, may have anti-oxidizing effects because Penta Water is first cleaned using a state of the art purification system to remove all chemicals, particles and impurities.

The water then goes through a patented Penta process which spins the water at high speed and pressure for 11 hours.  This process energizes the water, and as a result, may increase antioxidant activity.

Penta is repackaging its bottled water as part of a new marketing and advertising campaign.  Customers will find the new bottles in stores on April 1st. Penta Water currently is available nationwide at Whole Foods, GNC, Wild Oats, Vitamin Store, Ralphs, Henry's and health food stores.


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