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2003 And Finally

December, 2003

On Florida's "Millionaires' Mile", pirates have stolen more than 5 million gallons of water. Town officials suspect condos illegally tapped into fire supplies.  Sun-Sentinel 12/29/03

Piranha attacks increase in Brazil. New dam construction provides perfect fish breeding habitat.  BBC NEWS 12/28/03

California town's water tower may be casualty of recent earthquake. Guadalupe's distinctive elevated water tower may have been dealt a deathblow by magnitude-6.5 trembler. Santa Maria Times 12/26/03

Hold your nose while you wait in line for Santa. Sewage spill at Georgia mall is " just one of those holiday crises," says mall manager. Gwinnett News 12/23/03

Just in time for the holidays. Your recycled water bottle gift guide.  AP/Herald Tribune 12/14/03

Holiday Green Gift Catalog 12/14/03

Mississippi hospital faces $21,000 water bill. Meter is discovered after nine years. AP/Sun-Herald 12/21/03

California woman prevails in fight with city over 98,000 gallon water bill. City settles rather than face a court. The Dispatch 12/17/03

Well, it seemed like a good idea. Administration eyes burying carbon dioxide to get it out of the air. Water experts fear leaks would increase amounts of lead and other contaminants in drinking water supplies.  USA TODAY 12/11/03

Drinking water recommended among other preventative treatments to avoid blood clots from long flights.  AFP/USA Today 12/9/03

The L.A. River is a river of troubled water. Kept alive in the dry season by a sewage treatment plant, it can roar with rain. Other times it's home to shopping carts, toxic chemicals and a homeless man who sings Christmas carols.  New York Times/Seattle Post Intelligencer 12/8/03

NEWater: Singapore's newest tourist attraction is the sewage treatment plant. Or is it the new bottled water plant? It's both.  BBC News 12/7/03

For the dog who has everything: meat-flavored bottled water.  VOA News 12/2/03

November 2003

Billions face water shortages as glaciers melt, environmentalists warn. Impact could be felt by the end of the century. Reuters 11/28/03

Watching water drip pays off: University of Chicago work could improve technology.  Chicago Sun-Times 11/19/03

Extreme bugs found in Illinois slag dump. Creatures survive in polluted water equivalent to floor stripping solvent.  BBC News 11/18/03

California's new Robert Redford Building is one of the "greenest" in the U.S. The toilets flush themselves with rainwater and the building uses 60% less water than conventional offices.  Reuters 11/13/03

Moon seems to be bone dry, Smithsonian reports. Scientists had hoped ice would provide water for earth stations.  Nature/AP/Star Tribune 11/12/03

Britain's space probe Beagle 2 set for Christmas Day landing on Mars. It will search for water.  iol 11/11/03

South Florida TV station tests local tap water. Can residents tell the difference between tap and bottled?  NBC6 11/7/03

An Ode to Water on California ballot. Voters in independent coastal town approve measure hailing joys of drinking from a lake.  Reuters 11/6/03

For stand-up guys, urinals complete the house. But he's got to clean it.  Wall Street Journal/San Francisco Chronicle 11/3/03

October, 2003

See-level: Artists, designers, sculptors and others turn water into a fine art.  Capital Times 10/29/03

French Riviera town taps into antiquity for water source. Freshwater from springs on the floor of the Mediterranean Sea can be brought to land. Just ask the Phoenicians.  Daily Yomiuri 10/24/03

World Series Wastewater Homer:   Marlin's stadium features waterless urinals. Yes, they're sanitary. And they're conserving millions of gallons of fresh water.  Press Release 10/23/03

Fish on Prozac: Laid back blue gills may not be a happy discovery. Scientists studies medicines that make their way from wastewater to waterways. Reuters 10/22/03

Hey, governor. Look under that pile of papers. Rural Illinois residents were promised a $200,000 grant to connect them to safe water. Grant got lost on governor's desk.  Benton Evening News 10/16/03

Ach! What does this mean for Oktoberfest? Germans actually prefer mineral water to beer.  Expatica 10/15/03

Mosquito myth doesn't hold water. Drought, not rainy season, may lead to mosquito boom.  Science Daily 10/14/03

Bucket of ordinary water sells for £255 on eBay. Proceeds going to charity to drill wells in Sudan.  BBC News 10/10/03

Burning thirst? Scientists get water from diesel exhaust. Coming soon to a traffic jam near you?  CNN

How much would you bid for a bucket of water? Pail of Bristol, England's tap water hot item on eBay. Proceeds go to charity. Bids close today.  BBC News

She's here! You've heard the rumors. Now see for yourself. RoboCow to the rescue!

If the local water district is well-run, home treatment devices are no better than tap water, UC Berkeley scientists say. Gastrointestinal illness rates about the same.


Marketing toilets isn't easy. Japanese aim for U.S. and European markets. Will the guy on the go pay for a seat that rises automatically?  Reuters

Scientist pours cold water on claims that water affects the taste of whisky or wine. Beer, too? Now that's a different story.  BBC News

Stoli Lite? Russia's state-owned Stolichnaya vodka company is bringing out a line of mineral water. Next up: Stoli lemonade.

It's not just the toilet anymore. California water district to offer rebates for water-saving appliances, even rainwater collectors.  Monterey County Herald

Urbana, Illinois students learn how water works. Creator of special science program ties it to the larger community.  The News-Gazette

The look of water: New Philadelphia interpretive center is all about drinking water. Sometimes it's not a pretty sight.  Philadelphia Inquirer

Canadian boy has helped raise more than $800,000 to build wells in Africa.  Canada East

Jerusalem water tunnel mentioned in the bible dates to 700 B.C., tests confirm.   Workers didn't always know where they were going. AP/Washington Post

Water Dowsing: It's like looking for blood under the skin. Punch a hole almost anywhere and you're likely to find something. Winchester, Va., Star

Scientists say they may know how spiders and silkworms produce such strong fibres to spin their webs and cocoons. The secret's in the water. Aljazeer

Illinois Sheriff and his lawyers stand to get more than $1.4 million from Poland spring water settlement. Kane County Chronicle

Rhode Island fire department races to smoke-filled basement. No flames. Just the water department’s community leak check. Westerly Sun

Los Angeles Dept. of Water and Power abandoning brand new $20 million computer water billing system. It doesn't work. City councilmen call for investigation. L.A. Times

August, 2003

The fountain in New York's Central Park kept shooting water 60 feet into the air during the August black out. Where'd it get its power? Hint:not the pink bunny. New York Times

Kenyan government offices face water shut-off over unpaid bills. Nairobi police department worst offender. East African Standard

Water pipe outside English pub leaking since July. Villagers getting impatient. Bucks Free Press

New book details politics, power in Florida water wars. Think Chinatown. The Ledger

Thousands of Japanese sprinkle water to cool sizzling Tokyo. Well, they tried. Reuters

Last rites for the spring? Water district vs. mermaids. St. Petersburg Times

No oceans or big lakes on Mars. Puddles are possible.
Antarctic Lake Water Will Fizz Like a Soda.
Use caution when opening, NASA says.



2003 And Finally
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